Pre Conference Workshop

  • Pre Conference Workshop 9.00 AM - 5.00 PM
  • Marriott Hotel Hyderabad

Z to A Approach in Prosthetic Planning

Case evaluation and prosthetic pre-planning. Step by step procedure to be followed to achieve a final passive prosthetics. New generation implant prosthetics and material concepts. Hands-on workshp with SKY elegance for immediate loading in esthetic zone.

Facial Aesthetics using Autologous Growth Factors

The use of the autologous medical cosmetic treatments, LPOGF(Liquie Phase of Concentrated Growth Factors), APAG(Activated plasma albumin gel) and ICF(Induction of Collagen Formation) for skin rejuventation, wrinkles filling and hair generation.

Sinus Graft -Simplified "Quality and Quantity"

The posterior maxilla is usually a challenge for successful implant placement because of available quantit and quality for bone. The course will cover all aspects of sinus elevation procedures and guide the participants to acheive success. Live videos and demo on animal jawa are part of an enlightining hands-on experience.

Latest Advances in Laser Dentistry

Various applications and uses of hard and soft tissue Laser in Dentistry. Live videos and demo on animal jaws are part of an enlightining hands-on experience.

Date : 16-12-2018 | Time : 10:00am - 05:00pm | Venue : Marriot Hotel

SKY Fast & Fixed Concept

The course aim to shed light upon the therapeutic indications, surgical procedures, prosthetic protocols, patient satisfaction, and main complications (both technical and biological) associated to the Fast and Fixed treatment concept, with the aim of clarifying and supporting application of the protocol in different clinical situations, and improving understanding and decision making in everyday clinical practise.


Hands-On Training: Learn and practise the clinical Versahtility of Osseodensification using Densah burs. Sub-Crystal Sinus Lift / Lateral Ridge expansion / Immediate Implant palcement with Osseodensification.

Piezo - Surgeries and Growth Factors - Predictable and Precise Approach in bone Regeneration

Growth factors as an autologous fibrin matrix/glue for bone substitutes/graft material for enhanced stability, adherance & predictable hard & soft tissue regeneration.

The 'RPD' Technique for Direct Posterior Composites

Case and material selection; cavity preparation; matrix selection; isolation; bonding; management of polymerization shrinkage; placement; finishing and curing of posterior composites.

Posterior Bonded Restorations

Come join us in our one-day course of posterior bonded restorations that will change the way you look and your cases. Think Conservatively... THINK SMART. Demonstration and Hands-On for preparation of inlays, partial on, crownlays and endocrowns. WHO SHOULD JOIN : RESTORATIVE ENTHUSIASTS

Minimally Invasive Tooth Preparation Protocols

Principles of Smile design and techniques of minimally invasive tooth preparation protocols and facially driven dentistry for creating blockbuster smiles and even making porcelain veneers and routine protocol in our dialy practice!


The Workshop with Dr. Moez shall focus on highlighting the core fundamental factors that determine the success vs failure of full mouth rehabilitation cases... starting with the very basic. Demonstration and hands-on for facebow registration and transfer on a semi adjustable articulator.

Basic Principles in Implant Prosthodontics

Full day workshop for practitioners who are looking to understand the finer nuances of Prosthically driven approach in the field of Implantology. It will cover BASIC concepts of Implant Prosthodontics including the principle of cement and screw retained prosthesis with hands on for implant impression procedures.

Dental Photography Workshop

Introduction to Dental Photography. Fundamentals of Photography. Understanding the basic camera settings. Armamentarium and equipment. Basic Dental Shots and how to take them. Close up and surgical views. Prosthesis and product photography. Portraits and glamour shouts.